Life in the laboratory (research aspect)

In the Master's Program, we are actively engaged in international conferences or submitting papers in English. You are encouraged to proceed systematically with a goal in mind, not only in research. Each research group has its own seating assignment, so if you have any questions about your research, you can always consult with a member of the group.

Senior Undergraduates

First, you will be introduced to your group by the leader of each research group and decide on your research group. They will also be introduced to their graduation research theme, which will be decided after prior consultation between the faculty and the research group leader. Once the theme is decided, each group will learn the basics necessary to proceed with the graduation research in a project experiment to lay the groundwork for the graduation research. They will then proceed with their research and prepare for the presentation in December.

Master's Program

Before moving on from the undergraduate program to the master's program, each research group brainstorms to decide on a new B4 research theme and their own master's research theme. In the first year, there are many lectures and internships, so it is important to plan ahead.

Doctoral Program

Students will create and solve their research themes to further sublimate the results they have achieved by the time they complete the Master's course and become independent researchers. In the doctoral course, students can obtain their research funding through the JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship (DC1, DC2) and the University's support system. The effect of a doctoral degree is tremendous overseas.

Life in the laboratory (Daily life)

It is important to have a good balance in your life in the laboratory. It is difficult to always give one's all and keep up with research at all hours. Many students do research during the spring and fall terms and return to their hometown or travel during the summer and winter vacations. In the first year of the Master's program, many students participate in internship programs during the summer vacation.
We also hold various events across the boundaries of the laboratory to refresh ourselves.